EV Survey Results & Comments


Results of the survey as of Noon, Thursday Dec 10.



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Opposed to losing 1 or 2 parking spaces to EV charging stations.


We would consider an electric vehicle in the future if we had a charging station at WP.


Great you are looking ahead. I appreciate HOA’s efforts in this area.


One high speed charger. We have one easy space.


(1) We would not consider an EV unless charging stations were in place. If charging stations were in place, we would certainly consider an EV. (2) Residents with EV’s should be charged/pay for recharging their EVs. It should not be paid for out of the WP common maintenance fees.


Thanks very much!


No charging stations for a few. If that’s the case then we need handicap stalls down on ground level in the visitor parking. It’s a matter of taking care of the handicap people 1st. Not the physically fit who can take their vehicle to Long’s. I will check to see if this isn’t prejudice to handicap people? Electric vehicle stalls must be equal with handicap stalls!


EV Owners: - Received a several thousand dollar tax incentive allowing the purchase of an EV. - Pay very little gas tax. Therefore, contribute little to highway infrastructure.  My conclusion:


A charging station on private property should be funded by the EV owners. 


(1) Bad idea. Electric bills would skyrocket. (2) fight over use. Who would maintain schedule of use? Be sure there is a plan! Rules - WP not good at enforcement - i.e. Dogs, loading zone.

Anticipating a hefty cost to install an electric vehicle charging station, to be borne by a majority of owners, electric vehicle owners should pay a hefty surcharge or have a vendor install the station with a rental fee to Windward Passage.


Will definitely increase the value of the property.


The best option, in my opinion, is to roof the upper parking deck in solar, with charging stations below. In lieu of that, Charge Point will install charging stations.


This is a great idea! Thank you for thinking ahead.


In 3-5 years EV’s will be common and in 10 years they will dominate the market. WP needs to get ready for the move away from gasoline powered vehicles.


We should have at least 1 station.


I’ve been a hybrid owner for over 6 years. I recently purchased a 2018 Prius hybrid but would have considered the EV model if our parking was equipped with charging stations. Will probably keep my current car for 5 years. Would consider EV at that time.


Yesss!! Thank you for being so progressive!


When my car is no longer working I will buy electric. In the meantime I’ll keep my hybrid working.


I just purchased a new car and wanted an electric vehicle but WP had no EV accommodations. But if WP plans to consider EV chargers I will be interested.


I fully support having charging stations installed!


I would go for EV chargers if metered.


I think an EV charging station (or 2) would be a good idea. Possibly track/pay for use by use of fob to open/enable charging? I also think PV on the garage and possibly added to/replacing some solar hot water could be used to charge common areas.


What’s the cost?


It would only make good sense to buy an electric vehicle if Windward Passage has charging stations.


Thanks for sending out this survey. Electric cars make so much sense for Oahu, especially if/when we can get 100% renewable/clean for electricity. WP could be one of the inspirations for the future of this island!


If we were to get EV charging stations, would individuals be charged for using them or would it necessitate an increase in maintenance fees (everyone would share the cost of the EV charging stations)?


Please provide! Having electric charging stations will increase the value of the condo and more residents would buy if there was an option.


So pleased you are doing this!