This form needs to be filled out accompanying any new Purchase of a Condominium here at Windward Passage. Whether it's a brand new owner or an owner who is adding a new purchase to their collection. Please let us know & Welcome Home!
2022 PDF (OWNER) NEW Resident Registrati
Adobe Acrobat Document 101.0 KB
This form needs to be filled out by all new tenants to the Windward Passage Condominiums & must be accompanied with a non-refundable $125 Registration Fee.
2022 PDF (TENANT) NEW Resident Registrat
Adobe Acrobat Document 101.9 KB
WWP Key Fob-Garage Remote Request 6-14-1
Adobe Acrobat Document 65.3 KB
Please fill out this form when having overnight guests. Both Resident and Guest need to sign. Guest needs to bring ID to office upon arrival and if it's after office hours please see the security officer on duty.
2022 HouseGuest Form Hard Copy Updated 6
Adobe Acrobat Document 209.3 KB
2022 Resident Absence Form (Updated 1.2022)
Please fill this form out if you are going to be away from your home, in a period of absence.
This form is to let Windward Passage know when you'll be out of town in case of an emergency. The second half of the form is for a care-taker of your property while you're absent who is not staying the night.
2022 Resident Absence Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 92.7 KB
Social Room Reservation Form
WWP Social Room Reservation Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 116.6 KB
Recreational Equipment Storage Form
We do run a waitlist for these items so please let us know as soon as you know you need a spot. It is give on a space available, first come, first received basis.
WP Bike-Surfboard-Kayak Form.Updated 12-
Adobe Acrobat Document 8.1 KB
Elevator Reservation Form
WWP Elevator Reserve Form (revised) 7-
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.0 KB
Construction-Contractor Application Rule
Construction-Contractor Application Rule
Adobe Acrobat Document 79.5 KB
Please complete this form before any unit construction and give to the Resident Manager for approval.
Construction Application 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 72.6 KB
Windward Passage Flooring Underlays Information
3.1 Flooring Underlays.docx
Microsoft Word Document 73.7 KB
Windward Passage Flooring Underlays ByLaws Amendment 3.1
3.1 Flooring Amendment.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 57.4 KB
Aoloa Gate Vehicle Registration Form
Please register your car with the Windward Passage Office even though we cannot give out barcodes at this time.
Aoloa Gate Vehicle Registration.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 107.5 KB
Barcode Placement
Answers the question: Where do I put my barcode on my car so the Aoloa street gate bar goes up when I want to get out there, on that side?
barcode placement.jpg
JPG Image 107.8 KB
Water Damage or Water Leak Report Form
2022 Water Damage/Leak Report Form. This is very important! If you have a water leak or you see water damage in your unit, CALL A PLUMBER immediately! (Colburn Plumbing is very familiar with our building. Their phone number is 808-744-2068. About 90% of our residents use them and are trustworthy!A1 Plumbing is another favorite 808-526-3747.) Please fill out this form as well and email it to wp-office@hawaii.rr.com asap. Once you've called the plumber and they tell you if it needs an immediate water shut off, or it can be shut off in 48 hours, usually the plumbing company calls or emails us and let's us know what's going on. We go from there. But this form is an important part of the puzzle for us. And is important for you!
2022 Water Leak Report Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 50.3 KB
Section V.9 Non-Smoking Facility Notice.
Adobe Acrobat Document 73.3 KB
Condo Insurance Requirements (Owner Pack
Adobe Acrobat Document 419.8 KB
House Rules 2019 (print version).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.2 MB
2022 Emergency Procedures
Emergency Evacuation Information; Fire, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami, etc.
Emergency Procedures for Residents 12-20
Adobe Acrobat Document 118.7 KB
Annual Emergency Update Form
If you have not completed an emergency update form for 2022 please do so. If you need assistance in an emergency situation this is imperative you get this to the office.
WP Annual Resident Emergency Update form
Adobe Acrobat Document 7.2 KB
2022 Emergency Update Form
Quick LInk Resident Emergency Update for
Adobe Acrobat Document 13.1 KB

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