Registration Form

Last Updated: 10/24/2015

Nonrefundable $125 fee due upon registration.

Please see bottom of the page for section information for sections marked with **.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Section Information


1. Owner Information

All owners must maintain HO-6 condominium insurance coverage on their property at all times.


Self-managed/Not residing on Oahu - Designated Agent

Owner or designated agent must provide a current lease/rental agreement stating lease terms and period.


Designated Agent 

If not self-managed or if you are not residing on the island of Oahu, you must designate a local agent who resides on the island of Oahu to act on your behalf whether you are renting or an absentee owner. Hawaii Revised Statutes section 521-43(f).


2. Resident Information

Residents must register all House Guests. Residents may not park in Guest Parking at any time without prior approval of the Resident Manager.



3. Auto Information

Specific parking stalls are attached to units. Owners and/or Agents will inform you of stall numbers.


4. Pets

Dogs: Dogs may not exceed 30 lbs.


Fish: Fish tanks are limited to 20 gallon capacity.


5. Bicycles

Subject to availability. Nonrefundable annual fee for storage.


6. Surfboards and Kayaks

Subject to availability. Nonrefundable annual fee for storage.


Additional Information



Minimum rental period is 6 months. No subleasing is allowed. All tenants must be registered by owner or owner's agent; tenants may not register themselves. After initial 6 month period, rental may be month-to-month.