Information for Owners and Residents

House Guests need to be registered so that they can enjoy the facilities at Windward Passage without being accompanied by a resident. Look for the House Guest Registration form in the Forms window of this website.

Elevators need to be reserved 24 hrs in advance if they are required for move in/out, large item delivery, or contractor activity. There is a $100 refundable deposit required at the time that the Elevator Registration Form is submitted to the office.

Copies of Rental Agreements or Leases need to be filed with the Windward Passage office prior to moving in. Initial rentals may be for no less that 180 days (6 mos), although House Rules allow for month-to-month rental after the inital term of the lease/rental agreement.

House Rules June 2011.pdf
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WP House Rules 2014.pdf
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House Rules 2019 (print version).pdf
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Oceanic Channel Lineup
Oceanic WP Basic Channel Lineup.pdf
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House Rules Amendments Dec 2012.pdf
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Price List for Window and Other Hardware Available Through the WP Office
WP Price List .pdf
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2016-01 WP Collection Policy.pdf
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